Fixed – Error Authorizing user with Halo 5: Guardians services

Master Chief

A good friend of mine was experiencing an issue with accessing the online features of Halo 5, and from doing a bit of googling, it appears he’s not the only one.

The error he was getting was:


Error Authorizing user with Halo 5: Guardians services.  You will be unable to access online modes.

We did manage to fix the issue however…

It turned out that Sky Shield (an ISP-based internet filter) was blocking connection to certain sites that Halo required access to.

He resolved it by disabling the Sky Shield, maybe not be the best idea in all circumstances, but according to what I’ve read, whitelisting “” will also fix the problem.

If you’re experiencing this I would recommend looking at whether you have any services filtering allowed sites.  It’ll likely appear to be a Halo specific problem, with a slightly misleading error message, the cause wasn’t immediately clear!

Let me know if this has resolved your issue!

21 thoughts on “Fixed – Error Authorizing user with Halo 5: Guardians services”

  1. Just added the website for my son, never thought of this, thought it was a faulty disc or something. Thank you one very happy boy.


  2. I have to say thank you for the fantastic advice, not only did it work it enabled a readjustment in my house towards the older generation. My 13 year old who had spent 3 days trying to fix this was rightly baffled how I managed to sort it in 5 minutes as it was a sky shield issue. Thank you


  3. Oh my word this caused such consternation for my son, and I have now fixed it!!. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!! xxxxx


  4. Thanks man! Now works. Using a friends disc so thought it was something 343 industries put in to stop people using second hand games. Was almost about to lose it until I saw your post. Saved me… and my xbox being put through the window! Ha ha!


  5. Perfect! Had tried everything else including a hard reset and even re-installing all 98GB. This worked straight after white listing halo waypoint, nice one


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