Holiday Reading : Lanzarote

Something slightly different for this post, I was fortunate enough to spend the past couple of weeks on Holiday in Lanzarote, around doing/seeing some really amazing things (Lava Tunnels, Volcanoes, Fundacion Cesar Manrique pictured above, sitting on the beach, etc.), I managed to catch up on some reading.  I chose to read mostly non-technical Fiction books as I seem to find myself reading technical books throughout the rest of the year.

I took some inspiration from Christos Matskas’ Summer Reading List who had done the hard work and crowd sourced some suggestions and picked up The Rosie Project and The Martian, having already read Ready Player One and Soft Skills.

  • Half the World – Been a fan of Joe Abercrombie books for quite some time, the dark humour really hits home with me, this one had been out for a while but I managed to refrain from reading it on my commute and save it for my holiday, it’s the second in the Shattered Sea Trilogy.
  • Half a War – Continuation of the Shattered Sea Trilogy, part 3 and the culmination of the story.  Again, the humour and the characters are really great. This series is probably more suitable for youngsters than some of his other books.
  • The Rosie Project – I suppose The Rosie Project is the first book I’ve read classed a ‘Romantic Comedy’, so my frame of reference is probably slightly off but I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it genuinely funny.  I’ll be adding the sequel, (The Rosie Effect) to my reading list, and have subsequently found out there’s a film planned.
  • The Martian – I wanted to read this one before seeing the film out soon, (which does look really good).  I was completely gripped by this one too, an exciting read.  I quite like scientifically believable books, I would hesitate to say accurate as I’m obviously not a Rocket Scientist; but it all sounded conceivable whilst reading!
  • The Owl Service – My Dad read this one to me when I was young, I couldn’t really remember it, even if I had I suspect I wouldn’t really have understood it so I decided to revisit it.  I still found it fairly difficult to follow in parts, possibly due to it’s age having been published in 1967, but it was a decent read.
  • War of the Worlds – I was lucky enough to see the Jeff Wayne’s Musical War of the Worlds last year, (and less fortunate to have seen the Tom Cruise Incarnation at the Cinema quite some time before that), so decided to go back and read the book, classic Sci-Fi.
  • Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind – Probably wouldn’t class this as Fiction, but this one was mentioned in an episode of This Developer’s Life (which is really great by the way).  I am certainly guilty of needing to detach and calm down from time to time so decided to give this book a read.  Having basically zero knowledge of Zen Buddhism, it was very interesting, hopefully I’ll be able to draw on this at some point in the future.

The Kindle really is an amazing invention, and I was a little surprised at how much I managed to read.  The books I chose completely drew me in and going forward I’ll be making more of an effort to read Fiction!

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