DVLUP (MSDN Rewards)

A few years back I signed up on https://dvlup.com.  An incentive site to build on the Windows Phone platform ran by Nokia.  Subsequently (along with the rest of the Nokia Lumia brand), it’s been bought under the Microsoft Banner and is now known as MSDN Rewards and can be found at https://rewards.msdn.microsoft.com.

What is it?

In short it’s a set of challenges like :

  • Get a certain number of reviews;
  • Include AdDuplex Ads;
  • Create a new app with a certain set of features;
  • quizzes, etc.

Some are certainly more challenging than others, but there’s a good mix.

In doing these challenges you can earn points and credits which you can then cash in against various items, both technical and non-technical, e.g. :

  • Money off on the Microsoft Store;
  • Amazon Gift Cards;
  • Steam Gift Cards;
  • Software Licenses;
  • Telerik Controls.

If you are looking into developing on the Windows platform it’s definitely worth having a look, I’m currently in the top 150 in the UK without really going too far out of my way (most of my points came from review challenges) and have enough tokens to look at starting to redeem them, just need to pick something to buy now!

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