Motor Manager Now Available

Today I published a new app on the Windows Phone Store.  It’s written as a Universal App as I’m intending to extend it to publish on the Windows Store.

For those viewing on a Windows Phone, check it out, and everyone else.

It feels good getting a new app on the store as it’s been quite a while since I got round to finishing something new, the process has changed a bit since last time so it took a little while to get my head around it!


In short it will help you keep track of important dates for your car, i.e. currently :

  • Insurance;
  • Tax;
  • MOT;
  • Servicing.

It’s intentionally lean (feature and UI wise) at the moment, I’ll be looking to expand on it in the near future.  It originated in a need that I have to keep tabs on my car, so I thought I’d build something, publish it and see where it goes.

Where it’s heading

I’ll be adding some more content to it dependent on uptake, my backlog has a few ideas :

  • Detail about your insurance company, policy numbers etc.;
  • Local Garage Details;
  • Live Tile Updates.

If there’s anything you would like to see added to the app leave me a comment below, would be keen to see what you think.

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